Movements founder Mikey Wright is one of the UK’s leading martial arts instructors with over 20 years experience studying and teaching a diverse range of martial arts and self defence systems. Mikey is also a mindfulness instructor creating a holistic approach to teaching martial arts, emphasising physical and emotional development, well being and the creation of positive relationships in all his classes. Mikey has taught thousands of people of all ages and abilities from young children to elite level athletes, special forces personnel and law enforcement officers.

Mikey continues to study privately under the expert guidance of Guru Tua Chris Parker and Guru Eddie Quinn in the beautiful and devastating Malaysian martial art of Silat Fitrah.


Mikey also continues to study Tai Chi diligently under the guidance of Shi Kon martial arts founder Sifu Steve Rowe 9th Dan working towards becoming an advanced Shi Kon Tai Chi coach.



Black Belt - Kickboxing

Systema-  Full Instructor under Vladimir Vasiliev

Level 3 Instructor - The Approach self protection method by Eddie Quinn.

Shi Kon Tai Chi Club coach - Under Sifu Steve Rowe 9th Dan.

B tec level 3 - Self defence Instruction

BCCMA Level 2 Coaching certificate - British council of Chinese martial arts

Defence Lab Lead Instructor - 5 years



Mikey provides technical expertise to industry experts at the world leading UFC performance institutes in both Las Vegas and Shanghai and continues to work with both coaches and athletes to provide instruction in striking power analysis and performance measurement.


British Police force

Mikey has also worked extensively with the British police delivering practical training to Police skills training officers and as a consultant helping to improve the technical content and delivery of the national police officer safety training manual.

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